Who is Brian Eckels?


Dream. Create. Inspire

  • Brian Eckels sets out every day to dream bigger.
  • He sets out to create more by utilizing the frameworks he's customized for his own learning. 
  • Above all, he seeks to inspire people. Inspired people tend to work harder on their dreams.

Our goal at BrianEckels.com is to improve your life by helping you to create, build, and scale the business of your dreams. We want you to have more freedom and time for your relationships. 

Brian began his life just like you, working paycheck to paycheck for someone else's dreams. But through it all, he kept thinking of how life would be different if he were the manager, the owner, the CEO in charge. How would his leadership style change things?

Working in Network Marketing, as well as his own companies, he noticed a consistancy when it came to his consumers. Most, if not all of them, struggled with their mindsets. He believes strongly that every person has the capacity to build their dream lives, but not everyone does.

This is why he created this website, as well as his countless social media platforms in which to share his teachings with you. Live the life you dream. Inspire others to do the same, and create your better life today.


Why We Do What We Do?


Simple,Brian believes that everyone has a story. He believes that with the right help, surrounding ourselves with the right people, we can build our dream businesses. He believes that together we can all change the world towards a brighter future.


Reach Us By Phone

(800) 555-0636

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[email protected]


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