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Who We Are and What We Stand For:

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We are The Dating Warriors!  Brian Eckels and Jessica Ferris are here to save the day!

We're here to help comic geeks, nerds, anime lovers and gamers.  Learn how to take back control of your dating life so you can find your dream partner to stay by your side.

Have you ever felt lonely or out of place?  Or just tired of being single?

We know what it feels like because we've been there.  Before we were brought together, we both suffered from these same issues.  We were constantly being rejected trying to fit in by changing who we are.  We realized that didn't work.  We believe you are also tired of the struggle to break this mold.​

Brian and Jessica started The Dating Warriors to break the mold and help others find success in their Dream Partner as they did.

They believe that swiping left without looking at profiles is an injustice to many in the singles community.  People lack connection.  But, you can rise to whom you're meant to become and attract your Dream Partner.

Simply, Brian and Jessica believe that everyone can attract their Dream Partner.  They believe that a Dream Partner is out there for everyone, and the first step to finding them is through confidence in self.  Creating more happiness in the world is important to both of them, and helping attract dates leads towards a Dream Partner.

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Who is Brian Eckels?

Dream.Love.Geek Out

Brian Eckels sets out every day to dream bigger

  • He sets out to create more by utilizing the frameworks he's customized for his own learning

  • Above all, he seeks to inspire people.  Inspired people tend to work harder on their dreams.

Brian's goal in life is to improve your life by helping you create, build, and grow your relationships.

Brian is a dedicated gamer, loving to play any game on any system out there.  He has a deep appreciation for any of the retro systems, valuing the work that has brought the gaming industry forward.

It is this value of the history behind today's values that Brian hopes to bring back to the world.  He wants to bring back some of the older values in the dating world as he helps others.  His vision is simply help others find their Dream Partners and also build their dream businesses.

As both a dating and business coach, Brain wants to help you find the courage that was lost and become a Warrior.

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And, Introducing Jessica Ferris

Brian is not alone in his journey.  Jessica Ferris, his girlfriend and Dream Partner in life, has joined him in mentoring others.
Jessica met Brian online in January 2019, and almost immediately fell in love with him and his mission.  She is an avid disc golfer and voracious reader during her spare time.  With Brian, she has gotten back into gaming as well, TCG cards, online and board games.
She graduated from Northern Michigan University and has worked in the corporate world in Human Resources.  She has worked with others to help improve their careers and their lives.
Her vision is also simple - to inspire others to live fully with their Dream Partner.