How to Keep Spirits High

Uncategorized Jan 07, 2020

"I've had it!" 

How many times in your life have you felt frustrated? Afraid? Hurt? And, of those times, how many of those times have you also felt lost? I know I've been there a lot. 

In my journey of life, I've suffered through abuse, including abusive relationships, but I've came out on top. I attribute my success to my best friend, who should also be your best friend as well. 

But, too often, we neglect those around us. We put up our walls, and we give up right when things are about to turn around for us. 

Don't get me wrong. If you are in an abusive situation, seek help IMMEDIATELY. In the case of this blog, however, I am referring to times when we work somewhere, or we have certain projects that need done. We give up, often quoting saying " I can't do this," or "I've had enough." It's then we quit.

But our best friend, the one I referred to earlier, is our Highest Selves. That's the self inside of you. Imagine a futuristic you, the guru of the mountain. You're much, much older, but not a day wiser. You've achieved your dreams at that point. You've finally done all you've wanted to do. How does that feel? Journal about that feeling, and bring that feeling to life every day.

The reason our Highest Selves are our BEST friends, is because they know us. They ARE us. It's the part of yourself that's most connected to God/Goddess/Source. It's the Highest form of yourself...your "Holiest" form.And that version of you is constantly trying to get your attention.

Perhaps by turning inwards each morning and each night to reflect might help you realize how much you truly mean to the world. You, my friend, have a mission. So, I want to challenge you. Find time in the morning, as you're prepping your clothes, makeup, or showering before work. If you're showering, that makes it a bit easier to do this.

For those who are showerers in the morning, I recommend as you're letting the waters fall on your body, let the water hit every curve. As you're doing so, picture a light enveloping your body. See the negativity going down, as a form of dark blue energy, leaving you, going down the drain. Close your eyes, and just feel. Be present. ENJOY, as Jessica always tells me every time she is with me. 

This can also be done outside of the shower. Stand in the sunlight before getting into your car, or getting ready for your transportation. Bask in it and take in its warm light. Feel yourself radiating courage. Feel yourself being transformed. Then, listen. Listen to the sounds around you, and ask for help from your creator. I usually say " I'm struggling. I need your help." Then, I present my challenges of the day, and listen for answers.

This is how I solve my problems. I take time out morning and night to reflect on the coming and then the ending of the day.  At the end of the day, I ask myself, " Did what I do today move the needle forward on my goals? Did i give my all to my relationships, including to my audience? And did I truly find time for myself, for meditating, and for my health?" I take a moment to listen, and then I set myself on improving the next day. For me, that's all it takes to get  my dreams moving. Just ask, listen, and watch. 

Go change the world-YOUR WORLD. 


It's YOUR TIME to move!


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