Are You Mana Tapped Out?

Uncategorized May 19, 2020


One day, you wake up and you feel tired. You feel alone. You feel as if anything you’ve done hasn’t really mattered. Right? So what do you do? 

If you’re like most of the people on this planet, you force yourself to go through the motions, hoping things will change. During this time of crisis, you feel the weight of all your choices above your head, coming down on your shoulders.

You KNOW there’s more to life.

We felt that way too. Tired of being single, tired of not knowing what we wanted. We grew tired of the day to day experiences. 

In our office, there’s a sign. It says “Always be yourself, unless you can be Batman. Then, be Batman. “ When it comes to our daily lives, too often we hide who we really are. We try to be Batman instead of being ourselves. But then, we get sabotaged by our own version of the Joker. Maybe it’s the voices of those around us, maybe it’s our own unique voice in our head. That nagging constant voice that says “You’ll never make it, so why try?”

As a gamer, comic nerd, or geek, you struggle with figuring out what’s next for you. You feel as if you’ve expanded all your mana. Maybe you’re frozen in carbonite?

Well, there’s only one solution for one of those scenarios- playing the next card in your hand. It’s not over. You have more tricks up your sleeve. 



The issue is that far too often, we’ve let others speak FOR us, and too often they’ve spoken AGAINST us. We’ve let our voices go silent, like the Buffy episode entitled “Hush”, or even that song “ The Sound of Silence.” The list of references go on and on, but the point remains the same.

You have to stand and be counted. Rise to become the hero by voicing who you are. It all starts by getting the energy needed to untap all of your mana before your end step. How will you untap the mana you need to cast your daily moves? I usually start my day with three simple things:

  • Rise from Bed like a Superhero. Begin the day by claiming your authentic self.
  • Prep an amazing breakfast. Make sure you always have a cup of orange juice and morning foods ready.
  • Have a book ready-non fiction, only. This isn’t for entertainment. This is for learning something. When you awake, reading for 15 minutes helps to gain new knowledge. My mentor, Brendon Burchard, taught us that by doing this, you find 3 new things to apply. Then, declare one out loud that you will work on today.

Now, you’re ready to tackle your day. We developed our own unique framework that helps us get through our days.It makes us more productive, and we’re able to deliver great content to you amidst the turmoil of Covid-19. The world needs more heroes to rise up and stand tall. Will you be the hero your own life needs? 

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