Defeat is NEVER and Should Never be an Option

Uncategorized May 23, 2020


No One Ever is Defeated Until Defeat Has Been Accepted as a Reality-Napoleon Hill


Can you remember a time when your favorite superhero, game, or anime character began to give up?

We honestly can’t recall a time when a hero gave up on the fight and didn’t return to it. Yes there have been times when Supergirl, Batman, or even a few anime characters we could name have been defeated, but yet a few issues, episodes later, they’re back in the fight. Think of Goku.

What would Goku do? He’d keep fighting. He died in the fight with Cell, but still kept fighting once brought back.

You may be saying that’s not real life.

But it is, my friend.

You see, there are plenty of stories of those who were told to give up but refused to give up. Henry Ford, for example, was denied funding for his ideas 99 times. It was that last push, the 100th, time, that he got a Yes. Thomas Edison screwed up many times as well. Finally, he invented the telephone. He’s the reason we have modern electricity, as well.

When it comes to dating, you may have faced many rejects. You’ve probably also been dumped more than once. Maybe you’ve been told something about yourself that just isn’t true? Here’s the real story. Giving up should NEVER be an option.

When Brian’s marriage began to fall apart, he didn’t give up. He tried to save it. True, it wasn’t saved, but he kept trying. In the process, he learned about himself; what it was he wanted, what he didn’t want, and began attracting his dream partner.

It was when Jessica was about to give up that she also attracted Brian. You see our point here is simple. When you’re about to give up, give just a bit more. Push yourself a bit more until you feel you can’t. Push a bit beyond that. All of life is a test of faith, not just in a creator, but in OURSELVES.

We’re the heroes, the warriors, that create our own lives.  It’s only once you accept defeat as a reality that you truly lose.

For example, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! Or even Pok’emon TCG. When you’re in the midst of a match, your opponent has more creatures than you, or better benched Pok’emon. They have a spell and trap zone full. You don’t know what’s coming. It’s the end of the game, and so , you’re about to give up on the game. What if though, that next card, that next move, might help turn the tide of battle?

In history, think back to the 100 vs 10000 Spartan War against Persia. They didn’t give up. They fought.

We urge you today to think on this. Fight for your dream. Fight for your honor, your values and your future. Your dream partner may just be the next one you meet. Your dream business might be just what the world needs to change. Go out there and claim your victory today!

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