How to Better "Control" Your Day

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2019
What can be said about dating? Positive attitudes determine your day. I always start my day with meditation and reading. I prep for what is to come. I know, as a parent of a child with autism, that it will be tougher if I am not prepared for my day.
For parents, it can be a tough challenge for normal kids, but with children on the spectrum, it's a lot harder to get it done.
To me, however, there is a way to protect our sanity and our days, still have time for dating and our gaming! What I have learned is that you CANNOT control your day, only your reaction to it. These last few days have been nothing short of chaos. My son has been home from school, which led to no work being done. I had to squeeze time in.
From the outside looking in, you'd see LITTLE to NO posts on my social media because of this reason. Yet, I still remain positive that one day this will be flooded with content for you.
The same goes for dating. When it comes to dating, you need to have positive expectations for EVERY date. Each date you have shows you something about yourself that you need to learn. By going into each date with an outlook of fun, you make things happen that normally would not have happened.
The way to begin this process is three simple steps.
1. Begin your day with gratitude. Today, and each day you wake up is a new day to cash in on. It's a new day to start fresh, and a new day to just be YOU. Find something to be grateful for. Thank the Universe for being alive.
2. In the words of Abraham Hicks, "I will look for things that feel good today."  So, to start your day off in a positive motion, set your sights on all the you see that is good. Look for things to feel good about. 
If you're in a job you hate, look for people, or reasons to feel good about where you are. Perhaps the fact that you HAVE a job compared to others, is one such reason? Find reasons to feel good now. 
3. Put on some positive music and take a brisk walk while doing so. If you're unable to do that because of work, find time to wake a bit earlier and go for a walk, perhaps down the block from your work? Just find reasons to motivate you.
To me, it's not about the way the day comes to us, it's about the actions we take. The responses we give to those things that come at us prove whether we have superior personalities or not. Start to change your mindset, and your actions and you will soon find yourself in a committed relationship, and happier than you've ever been before.

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