Life Isn't Easy

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2020

What do you see when you look through your eyes? What about looking through the lens of creativity ? If you asked your Highest Self to look at  this picture what would they see? What about your life? What would your Highest Self say about where you are right now?

Here's what we see. All of those people on the beach, enjoying their lives, right? But thinking of this, what else do you see in the image behind the quote? You see sand and ocean, which dominates the image. The quote itself is perfect which goes along with how we see life. We have to believe we are gifted with something, as life IS not easy for ANY OF US. We have to climb hurdles, such as financial hardships, breakups, downsizing, and even death.

But, it's how we determine to see these things that life changes. Once we believe we have a gift to share with the world, and that dream begins to blossom, that's when life changes for us. We see life in a new light. We find determination, but above all, we find our reason WHY.

Our reason Why is the most important idea on why we want more creativity. Why do you want to write a book, start a dream business OR even some other form of creativity? What is your drive? Let's start with the reason why you live each day. What fuels your fire?

Once you have that figured out, then we need to figure out the next point which is what do you dislike in the world that you want to change? What is your "War"? For me, my war is the death of dreams. I am tired of seeing people give their power away to someone else, such as government, other people in their families, and more. I strongly believe we can have more time, do more things, and change our relationships in a more positive light.

Once you have your why and your "War", it's time to fight for your dreams! Keep going. Get started today and do not give up. Life may be hard, but it is when we make the most of it that things start to change. Trust in a Higher Power and know that they have your back. That to me is just the beginning. You've got this, as I believe in you.


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