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Arcade 1Ups: The New Way to Date and Have Fun?

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

In the past 3 years, Arcade 1Up has made the scenes with their home arcade cabinets. What started as an Atari resurrection grew into an even bigger scene. Now. we’ve the likes of Mortal Kombat, Midway classics, and even Capcom fighting games.

The Dating Warriors finally entered the madness and decided to buy one for ourselves and of course, all of you. We wanted a new game to stream live with IG and FB. Our first cabinet was the X-Men vs Street Fighter cabinet sold at Walmart.

With Arcade 1Up’s, you have the ability to own your own cabinets at a fraction of the cost. The idea behind these cabinets is not just nostalgia, but also replay value. Several of the cabinets, from NBA Jam, to Marvel vs Capcom, have high replay value. Having one of these machines in the house brings people together. This includes non-gamers. Bring a beer, bring some food, and ask them to join in. It helps with bonding. This is also a great date idea.

Instead of meeting a woman or man at the bar, bring the bar to you. The first step of course, is attracting your dream partner. But once you do, you open a whole new world with your own arcade machines. For most people, it’s hard to space multiple arcade units in their homes. With the Arcade 1Up machines, they’re ¾ scale, which allows for more machines.

Having a PS5 and the new Xbox, I much prefer to have the arcade feel. I grew up with arcades in the 90’s, I always wanted to own my own arcades, but because of price, they were out of reach. Young kid with big dreams, but doubts from all those around me. Yet, here I am as an adult with two cabinets of my own, and one from the roommate. We have NBA Jam, Xmen vs Street Fighter, and now we’ve got the Marvel vs Capcom one.

It’s one of those centerpieces by our mantle where a computer desk once sat. We frequently get together and play the games together. Think of all the cool ideas you can have for theme nights with a potential date. From Pizza and Turtles, to NBA Jam with pretzels and beer cheese, these are just some of the ideas you can come up to spice up your fun. Great news is, they don’t HAVE to be a gamer to enjoy these. Just convince them to join and play a few rounds and you can have some fun enjoying time with loved ones.

We, the Dating Warriors, pride ourselves on gaming. But we believe that if you have the ability to buy one of these, do it! These bring people together. Combine this with some 80’s retro arcade music in the background and you’ll have the perfect mood for fun. We truly believe that arcades should come back, post-pandemic. One of our favorite date spots is Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, Farmington Hills, Michigan. It’s not only a museum, but an arcade as well. It comes complete with rows of pinball machines.

Making gaming a bit competitive but not too heavy on anger can bring out the fun in both people on a date. Jessica tends to go hard and hit hard, whereas I’ve been trying to tone down my own competitive nature. Gaming truly does bring out our inner geek. And while Arcade 1Up’s do have their downfalls, there are a wide variety of options to choose from on the market now. You can virtually have your own arcade in your living room or cave. The downside is getting ahold of one of these machines. Jessica and I recently tried to buy the Star Wars virtual pinball, after I had convinced her of the potential behind one. Seems we were out of luck, but instead also found that the same games in that machine also comes on a cartridge for Switch, or as purchasable machines on our Xbox.

The choice is up to you, but gaming makes a huge difference in dating. It also tends to bring out the true version of both you and your partner, so you can see a bit of your partner’s darker side if they’re truly competitive. Or you can see a lighter side, where they bring out their funny, joyful side. Gaming is a great place to start, especially arcade machines.

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