Love is Patient, Love is Kind

Did you know that waiting isn't a sign of weakness, it's a sign of strength? Kind of opposite what we are taught, right?

As a person who studies multiple religious texts, I've learned a lot. The bible talks for everything there is a time and place. A season for everything. Buddhist texts refer to patience as an act of compassion towards OURSELVES, and then peace and well being. The Muslim text, the Quran, speaks of patience, but not to patiently sit. Yet patience is demonstrated towards hopefulness, towards strengthening oneself towards anxiety and discomforts, including depression. In other words, patience is used to take action, not sit around waiting for something to happen.

You see it throughout all religions, beliefs and walks of life. A good mentor, Jenna Kutcher recently said this " Sometimes the season of waiting is just as important as the success we're waiting for."

This is a good example of things we need to remember. Too often, we've neglected time alone with ourselves to contemplate life, our business, our dating lives. We've let others get in the way of our true following.

When I started writing my book, it was 2 in the morning. I was in a sad spot, and I put on some music, one of which has become a song that changed my life. Now, sometimes the words come and sometimes they don't. But I am patiently there for them when they do come.

Does that sound like you? Perhaps you're building a business but you can't figure out your next blog post, or you're writing and got stuck in what to write next. This is normal, and frustrating! So try stepping back and practicing patience as you work your way forward again. Remember, you can do this. Time alone can help you reflect, but also remember your close circle can also help influence you. Patience is the key to any battle, according to a famous samurai from Samurai Warriors the video game.

Be patient, and just keep going!

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