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Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Today, we have officially launched our NEW PLATFORM here at We wanted to offer a bit of everything we're passionate about on this blog. That's why it's titled Blog & Gaming Reviews. Brian loves to review video games, and has just started branching out from his business side. Since he is passionate about writing and gaming, he combined the two into one.

Here on this blog every week, you will get new blog posts about dating, health and wellness, business building, and if applicable, gaming reviews. We wanted a bit of everything for our audience. We want you to be the best versions of yourself possible. So click on Dating Advice for the newest tips and tricks in the dating world. Or, click on Side Quests! for the latest game streams and reviews.

On, it's okay to geek out. Let's share our passions together, all while making the world a better place. If you ever have anything you'd like us to cover, use the chat option on the site or email us directly at We will do our best to cover a wide variety of topics.

We look forward to serving you within the best of our ability. Here's to leveling up your dating, business, and gaming life!

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