Who's in Your Adventure Party?

Updated: Jun 28

Don't be a rogue. No. Please. Don't be a rogue.

Why you ask? Because Rogues blend in way too much, and there's already too many who blend in. We try to be who we're not just to please others. But once the other people have gotten what they want and move on, where does that leave us?

Maybe it's time to become a mage. Yes, mages are squishy, but we're able to cast magic using our words. And that is exactly how life is each day. We cast our own magic by the words we tell ourselves about ourselves. We let other's words harm us and it brings our magic to nothing. We OWN our POWER when we stop blending in and start using our own words.

That my friends is when we graduate to the next level: WARRIOR or more specifically, BARBARIAN. We become the tanks where we charge in and not let anything affect us. We're able to take the blunt of the attacks and charge fourth and let nothing stop us.

Life can be like Dungeons and Dragons if we truly take the time to realize that life is A GAME. It's a game where we can't afford to slink back and just let it pass us by. The days of you hiding being gay, hiding being a nerd, hiding whatever or whomever you are is gone. The treasures of life lay hidden in that cave you're afraid to enter. It's knowing how to pass over the traps in the forbidden temples that will help you overcome your greatest fears and become the Warrior and Hero you were meant to become.

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