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These are the three words Brian lives his life by. Meet Brian.

"I help budding creative have more time to create more effectively so that they can launch their dream businesses and have more freedom in their lives."

Brian Eckels is an ordinary man, or so he thought, until he discovered he had a purpose to help others create their dream lives. 

Tired of seeing all the closed down stores and people tossing their dreams away, Brian decided to change that. Brian is the CEO and founder of, as well as the creator of Purposeful Productivity. 

Brian began his journey at a young age of 12. He began asking himself questions about life. Depressed and suicidal, Brian needed to find a way out.

Around this time, he discovered his spiritual path, and began a quest to discover who he was, and what he was meant for. It was also around this time that Brian decided to live his life, fully, and be more loving to those around him.

He deeply loves helping people, and has helped numerous people change their lives.While in the past, he mostly helped those he knew transform their relationships, now he has decided to help creatives build their business while still maintaining their relationships. 

Brian's ideolgoies about having two purposes, both of which complement each other, and utilizing his unique framework changed his life. His philosophy is simple. "Everyone can overcome their own limitations. With the right framework, faith, and a bit of work, anyone can build their dream business.Dreams don't have to die, and they can always be resurrected. "



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