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Imagine having your dream partner with you to share your hopes and dreams.  Having them help you with your business, and living life to the fullest.  We are here to say it's possible.  Your dream can become a reality, and we are the proof.  We are The Dream Warriors.

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Become a DATING WARRIOR like us.  You'll learn how to communicate during the initial first meeting, even online without having to use cheesy pickup lines and get past that first stage in dating.  You'll also begin to break down the barriers and walls to move forward.


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Are you seeking more dates, or trying to attract your Dream Partner?  Are you unsure how to connect with attractive singles around you?  Do you feel confident enough to strike up a conversation? "When Twin Flames come together, they start on their mission in life.  Brian Eckels, CEO and Founder of BrianEckels.com, and Jessica Ferris have come together to share their mission with the world.  Together, they created The Dating Warriors.  Pooling their experiences together, they discovered what is missing in the dating world: confidence in self. They believe that it shouldn't be about swiping left or right, or about "pick" up lines. Their goal is to bring people closer to their dream partners and revolutionize the dating world.  With the perspective of both a male and female, they bring both sides of the dating world together to help navigate the social pitfalls.  It's a hectic, fast paced world.  Let them help you ease through and gain control of one small part at a time!

Meditation by the Sea

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


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