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These are the three words Brian and Jessica live their life by. Meet Brian and Jessica.

Are you seeking more dates, or trying to attract your Dream Partner?

Are you unsure how to connect with attractive singles around you?  Do you feel confident enough to strike up a conversation?

All of this is possible with the help of a Relationship Course!

This is where Brian Eckels and Jessica Ferris come in.

“When Twin Flames come together, they start on their mission in life.”

Brian Eckels, CEO and Found of BrianEckels.com, and Jessica Ferris have come together to share their mission with the world.  Together, they created The Dating Warriors.

Pooling their experiences together, they discovered what is missing in the dating world: confidence in self. Brian’s experience in the business world, and Jessica’s experience in the HR world come together with unique backgrounds to form a bond.  They believe that it shouldn’t be about swiping left or right, or about “pick” up lines. It should be about the one thing that the world has missing, which is connection.  Their goal is to bring people closer to their dream partners and revolutionize the dating world.

The unique approach that they bring together is their unique frameworks and strategies of their many years in dating. With the perspective of both a male and female, they bring both sides of the dating world together to help navigate the social pitfalls.

With the help of both of them, your dating life is sure to improve. It’s a hectic, fast paced world. Let them help you ease through, and gain control of one small part at a time!

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